How Do Cities Become Green Practices?

More and more cities are adopting green practices. Living greener is one of the best things that can be done to protect the environment. Below are some of the practices that cities are implementing:

Educating Children
Children should be taught at a young age about why the environment is important and what we can do to protect it. Both schools and parents need to educate children. Additionally, children should also read books at the library.

Carpooling And Public Transportation
Americans in many major cities depend on their car to get from place to place. However, more people are relying on public transportation. Public transportation is a less expensive travel option, and it is also helping protect the environment. Cars are one of the many things that contribute to air pollution. If there are fewer cars on the road, then there will be less air pollution.

Many cities are giving residents an incentive to take public transportation by participating in National Public Transportation Week. Riders may even get free bus passes during National Public Transportation. Despite the fact that public transportation is becoming more popular, there are still many cities that lack public transportation. People who live in cities without a bus or train system are encouraged to carpool.

Buying Local
Many people today are choosing to buy local because there have been concerns raised about the safety of foods at grocery stores. Buying local not only ensures that you will have access to fresh foods, but you will also be saving the environment. Greenhouse gases are emitted when foods have to be transported from one place to another. Furthermore, you will also benefit the economy when you buy local.

It is estimated that nearly 70 percent of the newspapers that are printed today will be thrown away eventually. If people would recycle their Sunday newspapers, then there would be 500,000 trees saved each week. That is why recycling is so important. Plastic bottles, paper and aluminum cans are examples of some of the other things that can be recycled. People are encouraged to do their part by recycling.

Green practices around the Cities
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